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Essential Connections is an advanced manual therapy developed from several treatment modalities. These include, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Integrative Manual Therapy, Intuitive Diagnostics and Evolutionary Process.

'Regular massage', most commonly known as 'Swedish massage', works with the musculo-skeletal system. Traditional massage might, for example, find a knot and by kneading, reduce or remove the offending knot. EC uses a lighter touch to explore the whole system, trying to determine what is out of balance that may be the cause of the knot. This treatment can address deep connective tissue structures around organs, lymph vessels and nerve tissue.

One main advantage is the gentleness of the touch. Indirect techniques do not challenge the body in an aggressive way. Instead the body is encouraged to self-correct. This EC treatment method has the ability to discern underlying cause(s) for chronic conditions.

The number of sessions required to make a change depends on the severity of your condition. Usually within 3 to 5 sessions, you get a sense of whether this treatment modality will be helpful. Some notice a change after the first session.

Anyone can benefit from this type of treatment as the goal of EC is to balance physical, emotional, mental and energetic aspects of self. ESSENTIAL CONNECTIONS may address:

  • ~ Traumas: falls; concussions; sports injuries

  • ~ Surgery: pre- and post-surgical conditions, including joint replacements

  • ~ Chronic pain and headaches

  • ~ Chronic stress

Treatment is done on a massage table. Clients remain clothed in comfortable, loose clothing. The pressure used is very light. Assessment starts at the feet. This helps determine what your body is doing, how it is moving and what areas may be stuck. Joy can then identify a primary area to address.

During these sessions, the body often makes significant changes. It may take several hours or up to a day for you to feel the full effect as your body integrates the changes and the brain recognizes the shift. Most people feel calmer, more clear or 'lighter'. Occasionally there may be brief periods of irritability or feeling more emotional which quickly passes.

  • ~ Registered Massage Therapist, licensed in Ontario

  • ~ Evolutionary Process with Denine Savage

  • ~ Upledger CranioSacral training

  • ~ Barral's Visceral Manipulation

  • ~ Integrative Manual Therapy with Sharon Weiselfish-Giamatteo

  • ~ Magraw Method with Kristi Magraw

  • ~ Process Accupressure developed by Aminah Raheem

  • ~ Certified in Structural Rehabilitation with Sharon Weiselfish-Giamatteo

  • ~ Healing Transformation with Ellen Lewinberg

  • ~ Medical Intuition with Tina Zion

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